Artist Statement / Poetical approach

The area of my research revolves around abstract / possible approaches on a social hatch and, in particular, to the exploration of the sensitive layers of feminism.

I explore the use of amorphous and penetrating openwork bodies that function as a possible structure.

I try to create an approach to micro worlds that invite to explore the limits of the skin communicating through a visceral tissue structure.

Once immersed in this atmosphere, the chromatic insistence acts as a suction cup in its insistence to adhere to the void.

Embodied by contradictions, the act of opening and closing wounds motorizes other potential pathways meaning, remaining permeable to change and transformation.

Investigating and exploring a restorative and imaginary work of a space of absence, as well as notions around the sublimation of imposed structures.

The membrane that supports things flows liquid, deep, like an organic conduit.